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Command EcoSystem
Take the first step now to
reimagine your business -
and your life!
Transform your work today -
then enjoy 5X the benefits as new capabilities are released
Meet Command Hub
• Remotely manage and control 24/7
• Integrate easily with MICA Mobility
• Boost efficiencies, increase profits
• Manage all equipment remotely
• Seamlessly upload MICA data
• Instant access to all jobs, anywhere
• Control truckmount operation with apps
• Manage your total fleet easily - everywhere
• Automate your work with geofencing
Start Managing Remotely Now
Get Command Hub
Download Dri-Eaz Command Center app
Easy 2-Minute Onsite Setup
1. Add Job
2. Add Room
3. Add Device
4. Connect Bluetooth
5. Connect WiFi
6. Check Status
7. Check Progress
Take Command
Managing jobs from anywhere
just got real.
Take Command of
Your Jobs
Your Business
Your Life
The Power and Freedom to Manage Remotely
Command Hub
Exclusively on Dri-Eaz Equipment
Integrate current fleet and new units