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Mastering your Dri-Eaz Command Center app
Welcome to the Command Ecosystem! Once you have a Dri-Eaz i-Series dehumidifier equipped with a Command Hub, you're ready to download and use the Dri-Eaz Command Center app, available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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Jobs. Use this top-level category for specific jobs. Name the job in a way that makes it easy to identify the project.

Rooms. This category can be specific areas of the project, such as "Living Room," "Bedroom," "Classroom," "Crawlspace," etc. Choose room names that will be clear to everyone accessing the job via Command Ecosystem.

Devices. This is the list of equipment available and assigned to each room on the job. To enable a unit for remote control and monitoring, it must first be connected via Bluetooth and then connected to WiFi.
How to connect Command Center mobile app to Bluetooth
After selecting the unit from the list, click on the Bluetooth symbol. When connected, the Bluetooth Symbol appears in the upper right corner of the Command Hub screen on your dehumidifier and the Command Center app shows a green box around the Bluetooth symbol by the dehumidifier.
How to connect Command Center mobile app to WiFi (after connecting dehu via Bluetooth):
1. Click on the Settings icon, then scroll down to Maintenance and click on WiFi credentials.
2. Click on Networks to find the onsite WiFi. Enter the password and then click on Assign WiFi Credentials.
3. After WiFi is connected, the screen shows: Dehu: Registered SSID: (Verizon, etc.) Cloud: Connected (may require up to one minute to connect) Cloud ID: (ID numbers)
4. Remote access and control is now enabled. 

Update Your Dri-Eaz Dehumidifier's Command Hub Firmware:
(MICA users must update the dehu firmware before attempting to connect dehus with the MICA app.)
1. Install the Command Center app on your mobile device.
2. In the Command Center app, Add Job, Add Room, Add Device, then select a dehumidifier.
3. Click on the Bluetooth symbol to connect to the dehu. When connected, the Bluetooth Symbol appears in the upper right corner of the Command Hub screen on your dehumidifier and the Command Center app shows a green box around the Bluetooth symbol by the dehumidifier.
4. Once connected to the dehu via Bluetooth, click or swipe to Settings screen in the app, scroll down to Maintenance and click on Firmware Update. Firmware updates can only be made via Bluetooth connection.
5. When you've initiated the firmware update, both the Command Center app and the Command Hub will display an update progress bar, and both will indicate when the update has been successfully completed.


The Command Center app doesn't show any job hours.
Job hours will begin to display after the unit has been operating for one hour. Job hours are shown in whole number values, and units operating less than one hour will report "0" (zero hours).

I don't see the Job Hours reset button.
Job Hours can only be reset via Bluetooth or directly on the Command Hub control panel. Connect via Bluetooth to reset job hours and update firmware.

I don't see the Update Firmware function.
Firmware updates are only available via a Bluetooth connection. See above for firmware update instructions.

Can I get real-time data in the app?
Via Bluetooth or after refreshing WiFi, the Inlet, outlet and GPP figures displayed on the Control screen are real-time data. The app’s Monitor graph shows drying progress for monitoring trends, which may not always show the latest readings.

(Android:) Why do I have to allow location tracking to connect my mobile device to the Command Hub and/or Command Port?
The Android system requires your permission to allow your device to connect with Bluetooth devices. The Command Center app does not use this information track your location.

How does the drying progress chart work?
The drying progress chart on the app's Monitor screen shows a snapshot of trends over the course of the entire job (or since the last job hours reset), displaying up to 30 data points per job (e.g., over a 60-hour job, drying data is plotted for every 2 hours). For current job conditions and performance data, always reference the Inlet, Outlet and GPP data displayed above the chart.

Can more than one user connect to a device?
As with any Bluetooth device, only one user can connect and see readings via BLE at a time. WiFi allows for multiple simultaneous users.

What happens if the jobsite WiFi goes down?
Units previously connected to the jobsite WiFi will automatically attempt to reconnect until connection is restored. 

Command Center shows that the dehu is connected to the WiFi but the controls are not functional. How do I reestablish control?
A dehu error state, such as "ER9 Error Pump Blocked," will disrupt remote control functions and indicate that there's an issue on site to address in person. To reestablish remote control, visit the site, check and resolve any dehu error messages as described in the product Owner's Manual (available here). Once you've cleared any errors, remote access will be reestablished.