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Versatility: The Key to Efficient Drying Systems
Top restoration professionals manipulate and control as many factors as possible in their drying systems to complete a drying job as soon as practical. It helps save money for their customers, reduce their liability and make money. So what creates a versatile system? There are many factors, but here are some critical components:

• Ability to extract as much water as possible
• Lowering humidity in the affected air
• Increasing airflow across wet surfaces
• Controlling temperature of air and surfaces
• Using outside air when possible
• Creating a drying chamber
• Scalability – flexibility to change the amount of equipment based on size and layout of the area to be dried

Having the right mix of equipment, and equipment that can be used for a number of different applications, will increase your ability to control the drying environment. Make sure you're set to take full advantage of the broad range of equipment options and the latest technology available.