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Dri-Pod Floor Dryer
Product Description
Dry carpets and hard surfaces fast! Enhance evaporation across floors and quickly remove surface moisture in small spaces. Unique design pulls warm, dry air from above and directs it down through a louvered grill across the floor – drying in all directions! This lightweight, stackable unit is perfect for speed-drying carpet and floors, under furniture and inside cabinets. NEW! Onboard convenience outlet allows you to daisy-chain up to 6 Dri-Pods, and its new motor and fan blade combination deliver just as much airflow power yet quieter operation.
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121657 (F451): One airmover
Air movement: 750 CFM
Amps (115V, 60 Hz): 1.0A
Dimensions (D × W × H): 15.2 × 15.2 × 9.3 in. | 38.5 × 38.5 × 23.6 cm
Weight: 10.5 lbs. | 4.8 kg
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  • Dries carpets and hard surface floors quickly after cleaning, leaks or spills. 
  • Onboard convenience outletdaisy-chain up to 6 units.
  • Move easily. Simply pick it up and carry it! Stacks for storage, too.
  • Dry faster. Unique design directs air uniformly across floor in a 360° pattern to accelerate drying.
  • Quiet operation - especially important for drying occupied spaces.
  • Dry confined spaces. Use inside cabinets, closets or bathrooms—it's only 15 inches wide and fits almost anywhere!



  • Air movement:  750 CFM
  • Amps (115V, 60 Hz):  1.0A
  • Dimensions (D × W × H):  15.2 × 15.2 × 9.3 in. | 38.5 × 38.5 × 23.6 cm
  • Weight:  10.5 lbs. | 4.8 kg
  • Power cord:  10 ft. | 3 m
  • Construction:  Injection molded housing, wire grill
  • Safety:  ETL listed to UL/ULc and CSA standards




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“If it’s a small job I use my Dri-Pod floor dryer and place it in the middle of the room (whether it’s carpet or tile and grout). For larger spaces I use a couple of Sahara HD TurboDryers and angle them to create a vortex effect—I have found it moves around air extremely well and speeds up drying time.” –Trevor Bullock, Benchmark Carpet Cleaning 
"The Dri-Pods are great little fans. I use them mostly for tile, carpet and upholstery. I use them every time I can for tile and hard surfaces. They are really good at drying surfaces like kitchen counter tops and tile floors. I also use them on upholstery where I can tip the Dri-Pods back up to blow air over the whole area. It’s a super practical fan – small and compact, great for transportation." –Jim Martin, Beyond Clean, Tucson, AZ
"I was driving my van from a job with a trailer on it with fans and some other equipment on it when at a light a lady pulls up alongside us and asked ‘Is this yours?’ It was a Dri-Pod fan – she said it bounced off the trailer and a car going the other way hit it. It went flying across the street and she picked it up and followed us." –Richie Anchor, Anchor Carpet Cleaning, Cape Vincent, NY
"I have purchased three Dri-Pod airmovers that help decrease my drying time immensely." John Groenwold, Providence Hard Surface Cleaning & Restoration
"I carry four of the Dri-Pods on my truck. They are great! Light weight and they move a lot of air for the size. They stack in the truck. I put them in the room after cleaning and cycle them through the house as I clean. Customers want to buy them from me quite often."

--Aaron M.