DriTec® 4000i Desiccant
Product Description
Powerful, versatile desiccant dehumidification. Easy setup and smart controls. Monitor system performance, and set minimum and maximum humidity levels to eliminate concerns about over-drying – no other desiccants offer this feature!

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114621 (F533): One unit
Water removal (at 80°F/60%RH): 118 pts./day | 55.8 L per/day
Process Air: 395 CFM
Reactivation Air: 65 CFM
Dimensions (W × H × D):
21.14 × 33.13 × 20.25 in. (with handle upright = 42. 250 in.)
53.7 × 84.15 × 51.4 cm (with handle upright = 107.3 cm.)
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  • Smart controls deliver optimized performance
  • Onboard min/max humidistat controls and pints-per-day display
  • 33% smaller than closest competitor
  • Equipped with Positive Thermal Coefficient heaters for better efficiency, safety and longer life
  • Sturdy and highly portable – even works on its back for low-clearance areas
  • Rugged vacuum-molded back protects the unit for loading and transport
  • Built-in compartment provides storage for power cords and ducting
  • Handy on-unit guide for ducting setup 



  • Water removal (at 80°F/60%RH):  118 pts./day | 55.8 L per/day
  • Process Air:  395 CFM
  • Reactivation Air:  65 CFM
  • Dimensions (W × H × D):  
    21.14 × 33.13 × 20.25 in. (with handle upright = 42. 250 in.)
    53.7 × 84.15 × 51.4 cm (with handle upright = 107.3 cm.)
  • Weight:  95 lbs. | 43.1 kg
  • Volts:  115V
  • Frequency:  60 Hz
  • Amps (at 80°F/60%RH):  
    Circuit 1: 12
    Circuit 2: 12
  • Air filter:  4-PRO filter
  • Safety:  ETL listed to CSA dehumidifier standards
  • Xactimate:  WTRDHM
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“We love our DriTec 4000i it works extremely efficient and is surprisingly quiet. We were able to completely dry a 2,000 sq. ft. basement in three operational days.” —Ori A Klibansky, Maine Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, Orono, ME
“Just wanted to give a shout out to the drying BEAST. One of company we work closely with was able to salvage an entire house of tile flooring in hardy backer by setting a desiccant underneath the tile and applying rescue mats on top of the tile. Desiccants are my favorite dehumidifier to use if we can get insurance approval on it.” —Ian Wood, Coit, Carson City, NV
“The DriTec 4000i is awesome to use in my area. Our winters are very cold and we get a lot of frozen pipes in the winter. The 4000i lets us operate in very cold crawl spaces and basements without worrying about heating the space—very convenient for us.” —Richie Anchor, Anchor Carpet Cleaning, Grand Forks, ND