ODORx 9-D-9
Product Description
General purpose smoke odor counteractant. Specially formulated to manage smoke odors, it detoxifies and knocks down strong odors fast and efficiently.
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100504 (431002000): Four 1 gal. / 3.8 L bottles
Form : Liquid concentrate
pH: 7.7
Appearance: Transparent amber liquid
Flash point : 81°F | 27.2°C
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SDS / Ingredients


  • Direct contact with contaminated surfaces provides an initial reduction of strong, objectionable odors.
  • Detoxifies smoke- and fire-damaged job sites.
  • Inhibits the evaporation of toxic fire-related vapors.
  • Apply with a compression sprayer or an airless paint sprayer only. Do not use with a fogger.
  • May be added to other water-based cleaning solutions to increase their effectiveness.
  • Working with especially difficult odors? Try ProRestore's Proven Odor Removal System.


SDS / Ingredients


  • Form :  Liquid concentrate
  • pH:  7.7
  • Appearance:  Transparent amber liquid
  • Flash point :  81°F | 27.2°C
  • Specific gravity:  0.94
  • Xactimate:  CLNDODRSP
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I’ve been using Odorx 9-D-9 for carpet and upholstery cleaner. Works wonders and really gets the smell of smoke out of the carpet and couches that I have cleaned. Really looks just as good as it did before the fire.  -Guillermo Dominguez, Blue Team Restoration, Houston, TX

“There was a fire in a steel mill we work at, and two offices at the end of the building just got smoke. They were going to gut the rooms but we convinced them to let us try 9-D-9 first. We used ODORx on the entire inside, walls, ceilings and desks. The client was very happy with the results and the buildings offices were be back and running in a couple of weeks.” –Debra Kuempel & Randy Hager, Middletown, OH
“We used ODORx 9-D-9 On our last fire restoration job. It worked great!” –Jason Nelson, Coit, Savage, MN