ODORx Tabac-Attack
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Neutralize and destroy tobacco and cannabis smoke. Works at the molecular level to neutralize and permanently deodorize materials affected by these odors. Can be used on hard or soft surfaces, as an air freshener or added to other cleaning solutions to boost odor control.
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342002907: Four 1 gal. / 3.8 L bottles
Form: Liquid concentrate
pH: 5.2
Appearance: Transparent yellow liquid
Flash point : 147°F | 64°C
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  • Form:  Liquid concentrate
  • pH:  5.2
  • Appearance:  Transparent yellow liquid
  • Flash point :  147°F | 64°C
  • Specific gravity:  1
  • Legend Rewards: 


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"A customer purchased two chairs have been in a smokers’ home for years - a heavy smoker!  When they were dropped off, the tobacco smoke odor consumed the entire shop.  This job soon took priority, as I couldn't take the smell!  The plan of attack was to use ODORx Tabac-Attack mixed with my upholstery spray.  After mixing, I sprayed both chairs fairly heavily and let dwell for 30 minutes.  The chairs were dripping yellow from the tobacco.  After extracting twice, there was still a very faint odor.  I let the chairs dry and put a tarp over them.  Grabbed some Thermo-55 Tabac-Attack and fogged under the tarp.  I did this twice as well.  After an hour, I removed the tarp and couldn't have been happier.  The odor was gone and the client was thrilled they were able to finally bring the chairs into their home!" –Chris Worth, Classic Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Killeen, TX

"We use a combination of Tabac-Attack and hot fogging with Thermo 55 with Tabac-Attack to remove smoke odors out a vehicles. Chain smokers are no match. Works every time!" –Eric Chole, Columbia Carpet Cleaner, Columbia, MO

"We had to clean a cotton sofa that belonged to a heavy heavy smoker. She would sit on the sofa and smoke cigarettes all day and watch TV. Now that she quit smoking she was hoping we could remove all the smoke odor from the sofa (and the dirt). I added 1 ounce with my upholstery pre-spray. Treated the whole sofa. I also added some to my metering. I must say I was more than pleased. Margie loved it.” –Nathan Denno, Spots Carpet Care, Flagstaff, AZ