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All About Smoke
Smoke and soot particles are the visual by-products of incomplete combustion. Combustion is the self-sustaining process of rapid oxidation. Three elements required for combustion ...
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The Challenges and Opportunities of Smoke Odor Removal
Smoke and odors from tobacco and cannabis disperse in the air and adhere to all surfaces. We have to remember that we are not just removing odors but we will be removing chemicals ...
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Using Air Scrubbers for Odor Control
First, ventilate.  Send stale, smelly air out of the building space and bring in fresh air—the more the better. This is easily accomplished using our Vortex axial fan with Sto ...
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Why are smoke odors from fire so tough to get rid of?
Incomplete combustion is the cause of smoke odors. Combustion converts a solid into a gas with heat and oxygen. When there’s enough heat, oxygen and fuel, combustion is complete ...
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How Long Does a Carbon Filter Last?
Activated charcoal filters are used in countless devices and processes to remove impurities from gases or liquids. An optional activated charcoal filter allows the Dri-Eaz DefendAir® ...
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Indoor Air Quality Part 2: Something is in the air. And it’s not good.
As discussed in Part 1, controlling air quality is critical to the successful restoration of the indoor environment. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at specific types ...
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Exercising Caution During Flood Water Clean Up (Part 1)
Part 1 of our 4-part “Exercising Caution During Flood Water Cleanup” series The hurricane has past, the weather is clearing and the water is receding. That’s when the hazards ...
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Tips for Using 4-PRO Dehumidifier Filters
FILTER CHANGES The 4-PRO Filter ensures proper dehumidifier operation and protects occupants and workers in four ways: 1) cellulose mesh captures larger particles; 2) electrostatic ...
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