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Are Your Meter Readings Accurate?
You count on your thermo-hygrometer to provide you with accurate information. But errors do crop up, and here’s why they might be happening: 
  • Insufficient acclimation time. This acclimation time can range from 2–15 minutes, depending on the model used and conditions of the air stream.
  • Weak battery 
  • Soiled or damaged probe 
  • Operator’s breath or perspiration
  • Proximity of air currents (e.g., HVAC, dehumidifiers, airmovers, etc.) 
  • Specification limits of the probe being used (many do not read below 20% relative humidity) 
Since thermo-hygrometer readings are used to make psychrometric evaluations and demonstrate that equipment is really working, make sure your readings are accurate. 
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