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Bragging Rights
Restorers have been known to boast about the "thousands and thousands of gallons" they've extracted from a structure. Impressive amounts for sure, but the most important factor on any job is how much water is STILL IN THE STRUCTURE. That’s because EVERY DROP of water that hasn't been extracted will have to be evaporated and removed by dehumidification. And that takes MUCH more time and energy. 

To maximize your extraction efforts, try these ideas: 
  • Use the shortest length hose possible between tool and extractor to maximize vacuum at the tool.
  • Use a 2 in. hose between tool and extractor to maximize airflow. 
  • When using extraction tools, keep an eye on the clear tube or observation port (if equipped) – continue extracting until water is no longer being removed. 
  • Test a corner of the room to confirm no more water can be squeezed from the pad.
  • If you're removing the carpet pad, re-extract the carpet after pad removal. You'll be surprised by how much more liquid water you can remove this way.  
  • Be sure to properly maintain your floor tools and extractors to keep them working at top efficiency.