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Is It Time for a Restoration Tune-Up?
How long has it been since you took your last water restoration class? Two years? Five years? Longer? With all the changes in technologies and standards in water restoration, you might be missing out on important new developments.

Most people in this industry have been to one or two restorative drying classes and assume they have mastered the concepts in those classes. But in providing support to the restoration industry, we have found that restorers often struggle with fairly simple issues. Sometimes, these calls come from people who have already completed an ASD course.  

The conclusion? Once isn’t enough to pick up all the information presented in WRT and ASD classes. You can always pick up new information if you come to a class with an open mind, ready to learn. And our instructors tell us that they also learn something new at every single class they teach or participate in. That’s hundreds of classes, and something new learned every time.  

Don’t be hard on yourself or your employees if you don’t grasp everything the first time. Think about this: it’s impossible to outperform our knowledge, but how many of us truly know what our knowledge is without being tested on it?  
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