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Pay Attention to the Details
Anyone focused on providing a high level of service to water damage customers will agree that how you treat people's contents greatly impacts their satisfaction with the job. The same is true with how you handle the customer's structure during restoration, specifically millwork and doors.

For Millwork: When you remove the baseboard off the wall, release it carefully, so the wallboard is not gouged. When you remove millwork that will be mounted again, be sure to store it carefully out of harm's way where it won't fall over or get stepped on. 

For Doors: When you remove a door, use tools that are least likely to damage the hinge hardware and millwork. Instead of using the common "handyman" combination of a claw hammer and a flat-blade screwdriver (which are going to inevitably slip and cause damage), outfit your tool kit with a plastic headed hammer and a specialty door pin removal tool. 

Take the time to show customers how you're taking precautions on their behalf and that you're working not to create any additional damage to their structure - or expense! 

Restorers who pay attention to details like these will be rewarded with trust, customer loyalty and more business.