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Ready for the Freeze? Winterizing your Dehu
Cold winter weather presents special challenges to dehumidifiers – particularly when the temperatures in your vehicles or unheated storage areas begin to dip below freezing. If water is present in your dehumidifier’s drain tube or pump, there is a risk that the unit may be damaged when this water freezes.

For this reason, you should take the following steps to ensure no water remains inside your dehumidifier:
  • Purge pump completely (see your owner’s manual for instructions)
  • Uncoil the drain hose and drain it completely
  • Store the dehumidifier in an upright position

Now is also good time to replace air filters as needed, and consider cleaning and treating the housing and other plastic components with a good protectant. We recommend using an automotive-type interior cleaner. You can also use this opportunity to clean the dehumidifier coils – use a good quality alkaline (not acid) coil cleaner. 

These basic precautions will help preserve and protect your valuable Dri-Eaz dehumidifiers through the winter months and for years to come.