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Reducing Workers’ Compensation Claims
Restoration work is not easy—the hours are unpredictable, the work is physically demanding and working conditions are often less than ideal. Today’s restoration contractors are looking for ways to reduce workers’ compensation claims, and there are some common sense approaches that may benefit your business: 
  • Provide an alternative duty program for temporarily injured employees to return to work earlier. This has been proven to reduce the duration of claims. 
  • Implement an active safety program to help keep workers from getting injured or ill on the job. 
  • Consult with your workers' compensation provider regarding ways to reduce your premiums, such as combining an accident plan with a disability plan, or offering voluntary accident plans (workers pay the premium).
  • Offer access to health insurance. The more options employees have for treating injuries and illness, the fewer workers’ compensation claims employers experience.
  • Know the laws in your state. You can contact your state’s worker’s compensation office or the US Department of Labor