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Tips for AirPath Users
Many of you have already learned how effective airmover the AirPath Floor Dryer is. With airflow measuring up to 40 mph and a 360 degree drying pattern, the AirPath can dry carpets and floors in just minutes. 

Customers have also been reporting another benefit of the AirPath: disrupting the vortex. A standard restoration setup involves placing Saharas or Velos around the perimeter of the drying area. This can sometimes create a dead space of relatively slow air movement in the center of the room. But an AirPath placed in this spot will help ensure there are no dead spaces and provide maximum airflow throughout the area. For smaller spaces, the Dri-Pod works great for this purpose.

Customers also report that the AirPath is very good at directing airflow under couches, chairs, tables and other obstructions. This will help to improve drying rates in those areas and in some cases eliminating the need to move furniture out of the room.