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We Can Dry It, But Should We?
Drying science has advanced to the point where almost any material in a structure can be dried. Since everything can be dried, the critical question in restorative drying is should it be dried? When determining if a wet material or item should be dried, restorers consider three factors: 
  • Contamination. This must always be the first consideration. Porous items that are affected by Category 3 water (such as sewage or flooding), for example, must be removed.
  • Extent of damage: If a material or item is damaged beyond economical repair, it should be removed from the structure.
  • Cost of restoration: It must cost less to dry an item than to replace it.

"Should it be dried?" is the primary question. If restoration is not supported after evaluating the level of contamination, damage and cost, then remove the items.
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