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Exercising Caution During Flood Water Clean Up (Part 3)
Part 3 of our 4-part “Exercising Caution During Flood Water Cleanup” series

The Importance of Industry Standards

Industry standards set the criteria or best practices for standard functioning and operations. Standards also disseminate knowledge in industries where products and processes supplied by various providers must interact with one another. Standardization depends on voluntary cooperation among industry, consumers, public authorities, researchers, and other interested parties for the development of technical specifications based on consensus. Not following industry standards can lead to significant risks and liability. Professionals in the water damage industry widely adhere to ANSI/IICRC S500 - Water Damage Restoration - Fourth Edition: 2015. The forward of this document states: “The IICRC Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration (IICRC S500) is a procedural standard. It is based on reliable restoration principles, review of available scientific and industry literature and information and practical experience.”