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When Documenting Drying Progress, Compare Apples to Apples
Those of you who have taken an ASD course have most likely encountered the four "knows" of drying: What's wet? How wet is it? Is it drying? Is it dry? When left unanswered, these questions are the source of the most common deficiencies in inspection and documentation.

Knowing the "knows" and answering them accurately is critical. And, when evaluating "How wet is it?" track several factors throughout the inspection process. Understanding and documenting these items ensures that information is obtained, evaluated and reported consistently: 
  • Meter used and how it was used 
  • Meter setting used 
  • Locations monitored 
  • Depths monitored 

Consistently documenting all of the above will help ensure you are comparing apples to apples and help you make the best drying decisions. 
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