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When Walls Won't Dry
If you have a wall drying system in place, but aren't making progress after 24 hours, you may need to reevaluate your approach. Any of the following techniques may help you address the problem more effectively:
  • Add more direct airflow along the surface of the wall.
  • Move the dehumidifier output closer to the wet wall surface.
  • Remove baseboards carefully and continue ample airflow along the outside of the wall. 
  • Drill holes below the baseboard level to allow the wall to breathe. Continue airflow along the outside of the wall. 
  • Blow direct airflow into the wall using airmovers or an inter-air drying system.
  • Direct the warm process air of dehus to the airmovers blowing into a wall.
  • Carefully warm wall surfaces with heat lamps.
  • Completely remove all wet wallboard and wet insulation.