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Winterizing Dri-Eaz Dehumidifiers
Our Dri-Eaz service expert Kyle Anderson offers time-tested tips for protecting your valuable dehumidifiers from freeze damage.

Kyle, what’s the most important tip to care for dehumidifiers during cold weather?

Make sure that there is no water left in the pump reservoir that can freeze and damage the pump. While you can remove water by pressing the purge button a few times, it’s important to remove the cover and really clean out the basin so that the unit is ready for the next time it’s used. This preventive practice reduces the chance of the unit being damaged during freezing conditions.

What else can we do to keep their dehus in good condition?

We recommend storing equipment in a heated storage area to avoid extreme cold. We realize that owners sometimes have their equipment in an unheated warehouse or shop, but the environment doesn’t have to be warm - temps in a space that average 50 degrees or above will help to reduce the risk of freezing. The goal is to avoid freezing temperatures. 
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