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LGR 6000Li
Product Description
Get the quietest and best-performing compact, easy-transport i-Series dehumidifier your techs will always choose first. The LGR 6000Li is perfectly sized for everyday jobs, and it's Dri-Eaz rugged, ready to withstand years of heavy use. Removes more water than any other competitive unit in its class. Displays grain depression, graphs drying progress, provides quick access to humidistat settings, and more. Features the new Command Hub, compatible with the new Command Center App. Take advantage of Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to control the dehu and view jobsite conditions remotely. Available in early 2023 in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.
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103614 (F600): One unit
Water removal AHAM (80°F/60% RH): 100 pts. | 47.3 liters / day
Water removal Saturation (90°F/90% RH): 204 pts. | 96.5 liters / day
Water removal LGR (80°F/20% RH): 40% higher than competitive units
Process air (max.): 320 CFM
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  • NEW! Command Hub touchscreen controller displays real-time temp, RH, grain depression and drying progress trends at a glance. Controller integration product  for existing i-Series dehumidifiers also available. Learn more
  • Extreme Dewpoint Technology™ (EDT) delivers the fastest response to changing conditions.
  • Fast and convenient access to humidistat, job hours, maintenance reminders and more. 
  • Process outlet fits 12 in. layflat and rigid ducting.
  • Uses all-in-one 4-PRO filter: electrostatic mesh filtration with antimicrobial treatment and odor-fighting carbon.
  • Easily ductable using built-in snap-ring mount on air outlet.
  • Unique spill-proof pump basin keeps in any water left after the final purge cycle.
  • Fast 4-bolt access for easy cleaning and preventive maintenance.
  • Practically indestructible, rolls up stairs easily and stacks for storage.



  • Water removal AHAM (80°F/60% RH):  100 pts. | 47.3 liters / day
  • Water removal Saturation (90°F/90% RH):  204 pts. | 96.5 liters / day
  • Water removal LGR (80°F/20% RH):  40% higher than competitive units
  • Process air (max.):  320 CFM
  • Dimensions (H × D × W):  32.1 × 19.8 × 20.0 in. | 81.5 × 50.3 × 50.8 cm
  • Weight:  103 lbs. | 46.7 kg
  • Amps:  6.6A
  • Volts:  115V
  • Frequency:  60Hz
  • Power:  759W
  • Operating range:  33°F–100°F | 1°C–38°C
  • Noise level (avg.):  53 dB
  • Drain hose:  40 ft. | 12.2 m
  • Power cord:  25 ft. | 7.6 m
  • Housing:  Rotomolded polyethylene
  • Air filter:  4-PRO filter
  • Safety:  ETL listed CSA 22.2 no. 92
  • Xactimate:  WTRDHM>L
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“We love the LGR 6000Li! It really packs a punch for its size. It is very easy to move around. The blower is pretty quiet and it seems rugged.” –Jason Nelson, Coit, Savage, MN

“We love the DriEaz LGR 6000Li. They are sleek and easy to use. I especially love the psychrometric intake and output digital reading that speeds up our mitigation data recording.”  –Chris Elliott, BluSky Restoration Contractors, Elizabethtown, NC
”The design of the product is very nice as it has a flat top so you can stack small fans when bringing the dehumidifier into the job site. The product seems lighter and quieter than other dehumidifiers we have used and performance-wise this dehumidifier really is great. After a few days of using the dehumidifier I could tell it was able to extract much more water than any other dehumidifier we've used. I like using Dri-Eaz products because of their reliability and quality. This product defiantly checks those boxes.”  –Rick Smith, Rick’s Carpet Cleaning, Clayton, NY
“We got a few of these to try out and definitely enjoy having them. They remove enough pints per day and use less power than the larger dehumidifiers, and they are smaller and stack for easier storage and more room in our trucks. I like the spill-proof pump design, too!” –Guillermo Dominguez, Blue Team Restoration, Houston, TX