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Command Hub for Dehumidifiers
Product Description
With Command Hub integrated into your current Dri-Eaz dehumidifier, you have the power and freedom to lead your business from anywhere, using the Command Center app, now available for Apple and Android devices. Make your business more efficient and profitable with onsite AND remote job management—check out what it can do for your business today and imagine how it will transform your business tomorrow! Available for all current i-Series dehus, including the Revolution LGR, LGR 6000Li, LGR 7000XLiLGR 2800i and LGR 3500i. Specific part nos. are provided below.
Update Your Dehumidifier Command Hub Firmware
(MICA users must update firmware before attempting to connect dehus with the MICA app.)
1. Install the Command Center app from the Apple store on your mobile device first.
2. In the Command Center app, Add Job, then Add Room, then Add Device, then select a dehumidifier.
3. Click on the Bluetooth symbol to connect to the dehu. When connected, the Bluetooth symbol appears in the upper right corner of the Command Hub screen on your dehumidifier and the Command Center app shows a green box around the Bluetooth symbol by the dehumidifier.
4. Once connected via Bluetooth, click or swipe to the Settings screen in the app, scroll down to Maintenance and click on Firmware Update. (Firmware updates can only be made via a Bluetooth connection.)
5. When you've initiated the firmware update, both the Command Center app and the Command Hub will display an update progress bar, and both will indicate when the update has been successfully completed.


NOTE: The current Command Center app only works with 2020-21 Command Hub dehumidifiers with firmware up to 7.26.5.If you're using a Command Hub-enabled dehumidifier purchased in 2022 with 8.x.x firmware, watch for the Command Center Pro app to be released in late Spring.


Sizes ▪ Options
124402-1: Revolution LGR, LGR 6000Li, LGR 7000XLi
124507: LGR 2800i and LGR 3500i
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  • Instant access to critical job data – onsite on the Command Hub screen or remotely using the Command Center app.
  • Monitor job trends – performance graph displays up to 30 data points since the start of the job.
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for onsite and remote management of  jobs - seamless integration with Command Center app.
  • Keep equipment working - track important maintenance on Command Hub.
  • Achieve ULTIMATE efficiency - integrates with Next Gear's MICA Mobility app for instant, accurate job data capture.